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Causes of Declining Sexual Stamina in Men

Causes of Declining Sexual Stamina in Men

Have you ever come across a woman claiming that their man cannot finish the “race’’ in bed? Declining sexual stamina is a common subject, which can be blamed on our lifestyles or health conditions. Male Enhancement pills can always be used to remedy the situation, but it is good to go to the heart of the matter regarding things to do with men’s health. This means that the first step to restoring a man’s sexual stamina is to know the problem. Here are the leading causes of low libido in men today.

A decline in Testosterone Levels

Testosterone levels play a vital in a man’s life. Produced in the testicles, this hormone is responsible for stimulating muscle development, building bone mass, and stimulating sperm production. And most importantly, testosterone plays a vital role in your sex drive. It is worth noting that normal testosterone varies, and this means that sexual desire decreases. If you think that declining testosterone is an issue for you, you need to seek your doctor’s guidance.

man sleeping


Taking certain medications can affect testosterone production, thus affecting your sexual desires. For instance, some blood pressure medications have been shown to hurt erection and ejaculation. Other medicines that can harm your sex life include chemotherapy for cancer patients, anti-fungal drugs, anabolic steroids, and certain anti-depressants. If medications are to blame for low testosterone, you might consider switching.


Depression and stress-related disorders can hurt your sex life a great deal. Ideally, depression has been shown to make people lose interest in activities they enjoyed doing in the past, including sex. As mentioned earlier, taking some anti-depressants can make the issue worse. For depression-related causes, it is always advisable to seek medical help and guidance.

stop diabetesChronic Illnesses

People living with chronic illness do not usually have sex in their list of priorities. Among the top diseases that affect a man’s libido include diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It is worth noting that most chronic illnesses can be managed using lifestyle changes. Coupled with some male enhancement supplements, you can quickly restore your sex life.

These are just a few among many causes of declining sexual stamina. Aging, lack of sleep, alcohol abuse, and low self-esteem can also cause low libido in men. The good thing is that you can make conscious steps to restore your libido.

How to Spice up Your Sex Life

How to Spice up Your Sex Life

Sexual relationship is among the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, not all people know how to spice things up when it comes to their sex life. Those who are single often state that they are luckier since they can have sex with escorts in Amsterdam or whoever they want as long as mutual consent is present. Indeed, boredom is one of the most dangerous things in a relationship, and many couples are afraid of this condition. It is unfortunate to see that many people cannot do anything to save their years of marriage or relationship once boredom kicks in.

Sex experts often talk and address this issue by highlighting several crucial and essential ways to reignite the long lost passion. This article will help them convey such messages for those who need help. For that reason, let us all begin this discussion by rejecting the statement stating that sex life is less vital compared to non-physical love and affection. As many traditional people often support such a statement, note that the conditions are now different. Psychological states and personality traits of today’s people are much different from their grandparents’ era.


a couple cuddling on the floorSex experts and marriage consultants often highlight the importance of communication in a relationship. Indeed, without this aspect, it is somewhat impossible to understand what your partner needs and wants. Remember that a healthy and content relationship is the one that guarantees the happiness of both sides, and it often means both feel satisfaction when it comes to intimate moments in bed.

You can try to spend more time with your partner and bring up the topic to know their thoughts and ideas. If you love your partner dearly, you will understand that their happiness is your happiness. Communication is also crucial to project your fears, wishes, and challenges that you deal with.

Sex Toys

Sticking to the old habit will not get you anywhere but boredom and frustration. For that reason, trying out new things is advisable if you still need to feel the pleasure of your sexual relationship. Fortunately, sex toys are the answer. The item will give you and your partner new sensation, and it will surely give you more pleasure. The problem is that traditional couples often feel anxious when people know they have such items. However, it should not be a problem at all since manufacturers often produce items with versatile designs. Another plus point of this item is that it will allow you to explore more sensitive areas.…

Sending Nudes Should be a Safe and Private Affair

Sending Nudes Should be a Safe and Private Affair

Sexting has taken over the traditional way people could send hard copy photos to their lovers. This could take the time or even fail to reach them. In the current generation, your partner is almost accessible because he or she can send some nudes which you admire despite the distance. You can also get sexy teens on online platforms, and you start exchanging your nudes. However, you will need to agree on how best you will be sending your nudes as you don’t want them to get to the audience which is not meant to see your nudes. In this article, we highlight how you will be in a position to send your nudes safely on the internet without worrying about getting exposed.

Secure your phone

If you have a sexting partner, you should ensure you put a passcode on your phone such that you get any personnude who can access your phone. Failure to do anyone can access the phone and will get to see the nudes you are sending each other. You should encourage your sexting partner also to do it because someone can also access the nudes you have exchanged.

Use encrypted apps

When you send nudes over the internet, hackers can easily find them, and this may expose your image and diminish it. Therefore it is our advice that when you are sending nudes, you can consider using apps which are encrypted. For instance apps like WhatsApp and signal have an end to end encryption which will help prevent content from being hacked by hackers. Encrypted content is not easily hacked by hackers. It will remain safe until the intended recipient gets it.

Learn on how to save nudes safely

nudeIt will also be necessary that you check out on the best way possible to save your nudes. You don’t have to leave the nude in folders which can be easily accessed. Ensure you find the best way you will save the nudes and lock them. For instance, you will need to find a hard drive and put a password to ensure your photos are well protected. You should also ensure you teach your partner the same technique.

Try anonymizing your face

It is always safe for you not to fall prey to the frontal mirror selfie. Your partner knows you already, and there will be no need of sending photos which have your face shown on them. When sexting you will need only to send photos of your body. You will only need to focus your camera on the lower part of your body. Avoid taking photos of areas which are tattooed.…

Tips for Great Sex

Tips for Great Sex

These are the surprising secrets that are meant to improve your performance in bed. They are also useful in improving a person’s mood. Improved sex is crucial for a healthy relationship or marriage. Research has proven that individuals who have a happy sex life are at low risk of developing heart diseases, stress. Again, it is helpful in boosting or improving the immunity of a person. You can enjoy all these benefits by trying the tips and tricks discussed in this article.

Smelling your way sexy

Some products such as baby powder, licorice, and cucumber are known for increasing the flow of blood in the vaginal by 13%. Lavender and pumpkin pie increases this flow by 11%. A romantic dinner can be capped by serving a pumpkin pie. A cucumber sachet can also be kept next to the pillow to improve the smell.pumpkin pie

Reading something hot

This involves reading erotic literature. This is a great method of jump-starting arousal. Some of the recommended materials include The Diary of Anais Nin and Herotica series. You are advised to read these books for more steamy picks.

Taking a lunchtime Stroll

There is a direct link between fitness and sexual satisfaction especially in women aged between 45 to 55 years. Most of these women do not have time for exercises. Studies have revealed that less exercise can lower their sexual satisfaction and desire.

Get relaxed

Mindfulness meditation courses are of great help when it comes to sex life. Watching some movies is also helpful for relaxation of the body. Research has proven that mindfulness is beneficial for changing the brain processing. This, in turn, improves arousal in women.

Asking about Viagra

The use of pills can help you in increasing the flow f blood to your genital area. This is needed for arousal. FDA has not approved pills for women but doctors prescribe them off-label. You should ask the healthcare provider if these pills can help you. Individuals using these pills should be very careful because some of them are associated with certain side effects.viagra,

Stopping distractions

Research has revealed that women’s brains are more active as compared to those of men during sex. The levels of dopamine should be increased. This is one of the neurotransmitters that create the desire to achieving orgasm. It is also helpful for increasing the flow of impulses to your genitals which is essential for arousal. Medical conditions and chronic stress are some of the factors that lower the level of dopamine. This is something that can distract women during sex.…