Causes of Declining Sexual Stamina in Men

Causes of Declining Sexual Stamina in Men

Have you ever come across a woman claiming that their man cannot finish the “race’’ in bed? Declining sexual stamina is a common subject, which can be blamed on our lifestyles or health conditions. Male Enhancement pills can always be used to remedy the situation, but it is good to go to the heart of the matter regarding things to do with men’s health. This means that the first step to restoring a man’s sexual stamina is to know the problem. Here are the leading causes of low libido in men today.

A decline in Testosterone Levels

Testosterone levels play a vital in a man’s life. Produced in the testicles, this hormone is responsible for stimulating muscle development, building bone mass, and stimulating sperm production. And most importantly, testosterone plays a vital role in your sex drive. It is worth noting that normal testosterone varies, and this means that sexual desire decreases. If you think that declining testosterone is an issue for you, you need to seek your doctor’s guidance.

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Taking certain medications can affect testosterone production, thus affecting your sexual desires. For instance, some blood pressure medications have been shown to hurt erection and ejaculation. Other medicines that can harm your sex life include chemotherapy for cancer patients, anti-fungal drugs, anabolic steroids, and certain anti-depressants. If medications are to blame for low testosterone, you might consider switching.


Depression and stress-related disorders can hurt your sex life a great deal. Ideally, depression has been shown to make people lose interest in activities they enjoyed doing in the past, including sex. As mentioned earlier, taking some anti-depressants can make the issue worse. For depression-related causes, it is always advisable to seek medical help and guidance.

stop diabetesChronic Illnesses

People living with chronic illness do not usually have sex in their list of priorities. Among the top diseases that affect a man’s libido include diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It is worth noting that most chronic illnesses can be managed using lifestyle changes. Coupled with some male enhancement supplements, you can quickly restore your sex life.

These are just a few among many causes of declining sexual stamina. Aging, lack of sleep, alcohol abuse, and low self-esteem can also cause low libido in men. The good thing is that you can make conscious steps to restore your libido.