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Tips for Boosting Sperm Count and Male Fertility

Tips for Boosting Sperm Count and Male Fertility

Some men have infertility issues, which means they have a problem impregnating their female partners without medical assistance. It has to do with semen quality and several other issues such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, sperm motility, sperm count, and low testosterone levels. Luckily, most of these issues can be treated, and the man can reproduce and enjoy lovemaking.

For example, semen quality problems, or less than average semen volume and low sperm count, can be treated using semen enhancers. You can check out River Front Times to find more on the subject and other crucial information on enhancing male fertility and sexual pleasure.

Here are some tips on how men can boost sperm count and fertility:

Using Semen Enhancers

semen enhnacersSemen enhancers are supplements made from natural products and work in different ways. Some of these enhancers increase ejaculation volume, for example, Volume Pills. Others like Semenax lead to more intense orgasms, thus bring more sexual pleasure. Moreover, some semen enhancers such as Fertility Factor 5 improve sperm count and motility. These are clinically proven to help support male fertility. Men experiencing various issues related to fertility and sex enjoyment can use these products, but it would help with a doctor’s advice.

Using Various Herbs

herbsThere are several herbs that men have used since time immemorial to improve their fertility. One such herb is ashwagandha, which Indians have used since ancient times. According to studies, ashwagandha could enhance male fertility by increasing testosterone levels. In a study involving men with low sperm counts, the researchers found that taking ashwagandha root extract, 675 mg per day for three months significantly boosted fertility.

The extract led to a 167% increase in sperm count, 53% semen volume increase, and sperm motility improved by 57%. All these improvements were in comparison with the levels at the start of the study. All these benefits could be attributed to the increase in testosterone levels. Another herb that improves male fertility is fenugreek. It increases testosterone levels, strength, and promote fat loss.

Reducing Stress and Relaxing

Although primarily, it is challenging to get into a sex mood when stressed, there is a bigger problem than the mood. You can have fertility issues due to stress and even have lower sexual satisfaction. The explanation for this is that prolonged stress leads to the build-up of the cortisol hormone, which negatively affects testosterone – an increase in cortisol leads to a decrease in testosterone. Fortunately, people can treat stress through relaxation techniques like meditating, taking a nature walk, etc.…

How to Get Ready for Your Best Porn Movie Experience

How to Get Ready for Your Best Porn Movie Experience

Watching porn can never be fun when you have other people around you. Not unless you are with someone who is too willing to watch with you. But when your parents or siblings are all around the house, you should let go of the moment until they are not there. You will not enjoy to the fullest anyway, and you may just have groin pain afterward. If you are living in a condo unit all by yourself, then there will be any problem.

When you love porn, it is hard not to oblige with the feeling. For sure, you will be watching even if others will tell you not. So never mind the moralists. You should have to watch discreetly as possible so as not to antagonize anybody else. So when given a chance, you can level up your watching with these creatively bold ideas.

Set-Up Your Room Appropriately

TVYou can create an atmosphere that mimics the cinemas. You can hang thicker fabrics on windows to make your room darker. This way, you can enjoy the cinematic effect we get when we enter theaters. You can also eliminate the thought that someone may be watching you through your windows. By then, you can lose all inhibitions and can get carried away.

Select a Good Material

If you are watching through DVD, having an original disc may not guarantee high quality. You can try searching for websites offering adult pornography. They have high-quality movies.

Audio Options

Most of those watching porn are caught because of the sound. Of course, almost everyone is familiar with the sound of two people doing sex. Making some adjustment on the audio can help you not being caught.

When you are alone, a loud sound that can fill up the room can undoubtedly give you the best satisfaction. But when you are watching in the middle of the night aware that you will wake up somebody in the household, be sure to use an earphone. By using an earphone, you won’t awake someone through sounds coming from your medium, but be extra cautious, the sounds may coming out from your own pharynx.

Getting Comfortable

ladyYour watching experience will never be the same when you exert extra effort to prepare for the moment. Making your bed to give you maximum comfort during the whole duration will have wonderful effects on your viewing. Get all your toys within an arm’s reach so you won’t miss a scene. Making sure that you have flowing water in your bathroom beforehand is commendable.

Putting on your right attire is a must. You will be having a hard time with tight-fitting jeans. Wearing loose clothes or better still, having none will make it easier for you to make your moves.

Watching porn should be done privately. But it should not mean that you cannot enjoy it to the fullest. Just be creative.…